Therapy and Intervention

Due to the diverse background and experience of the Psychologists at Concepts Psychology we are able to offer a broad range of counselling services to children, adolescents, adults and their families. The counselling services are provided at our Sans Souci office. 


Children and Adolescents

When children are referred to our practice, parents will often ask us how we are going to assist their child. Counselling children requires a different approach to counselling adults and it is important for us to first establish trust and rapport with the child whilst maintaining a level of communication with the parents. Whilst the child is our client, we work with them as well as their immediate family environment. As each child’s needs are different the psychologists will use modes of therapy that are appropriate to the child’s level of functioning. The reasons for referral are varied and may have been prompted by concerns that you or others have raised about your child. These concerns may include:







Seeing a psychologist can be a daunting prospect and we understand that it can be uncomfortable taking the first step to accessing a service. With the relationships we have developed over a long period of time, many members of the community both professionally and personally are familiar with who we are and what we offer. This has enabled us to support the key issues and concerns facing adults at different phases throughout their lives. We understand that the following issues or concerns may be impacting on your level of functioning in your personal, work, relationship or family environments:




Out of Home Care (OOHC)

We provide contracting services to Out of Home Care organisations to assist children and foster carers with complex needs. We understand the impact that trauma and neglect have on the day-to-day functioning of children in out of home care and how difficult it can be managing the behaviours associated with trauma. The counselling services we provide to out of home care organisations include clinical support to carers and counselling for young people in care. Clinical support consists of one-to-one support within the foster carers home environment to develop behaviour management strategies and to assist carers with the challenges they are facing. Counselling for young people in out of home care is trauma focused and can be conducted at our office or offsite locations. In addition to clinical and counselling support our Psychologists can develop and implement behaviour intervention support plans. For more information regarding the development and implementation of behaviour intervention support plans, please view our Assessments page.





Anger management


Self esteem and resilience

Family breakdown

Grief and loss

Social skills

Peer issues

School refusal






Parenting support

Career guidance


Grief and loss

Relationship and marriage difficulties

Child custody issues