We assist children and foster carers with complex needs through our services to Out of Home Care organisations.

Trauma and neglect have a significant impact on the day-to-day functioning of children in Out of Home Care. We understand it can be difficult managing the behaviours associated with trauma and we offer clinical support services to carers and counselling for young people.

Our approach

Our counselling for young people in Out of Home Care is trauma focused. It can be conducted at our practice or offsite locations. We provide one-to-one support to assist children in overcoming traumatic experiences that impact their mental, behavioural, emotional and physical well-being.

We are able to provide individual psychological services to foster children and their carers in non-clinical settings or the school environment. This means we can take children outside for a session to go for a walk, or to kick a ball. This is particularly effective for children, who may find it difficult to form connections in a clinical environment.

It also allows us to provide a greater level of stability and flexibility as our psychologists can travel to wherever the children need their support. We can deliver our services to children and their carers across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

In addition to clinical and counselling support, our psychologists can develop and implement positive behaviour support plans. We also conduct psychometric and diagnostic testing. For more information see our assessments page

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

We work with children and their carers to develop positive behavioural support plans. We first seek to understand the background and history of the child. We ask about any medical conditions, previous diagnosis and any other information we can gather to better serve their needs.

Using both proactive and reactive strategies, we identify how to prevent difficult behaviours from occurring and if these behaviours are displayed, what the young person and carer can do to manage them.

Our goal is to provide support, stability and build long-term relationships with the children. We achieve this by providing continued assistance to build strong, healthy individuals and carers.