At Concepts Psychology, we offer counselling for children, teenagers and adults at our practice in Ramsgate, Sydney. We use evidence-based therapies to achieve long-term change and greater psychological health.

We have experience in treating a wide range of psychological presentations and mental health disorders.

What to expect From counselling

As a parent, you will always be involved in the counselling process. We first hold a session with parents, where we encourage you to bring in any assessments or relevant information from any previous therapy. For all clients we conduct a diagnostic interview, which means we will discuss what led you to us, your family history, current relationships and the history of the individual. The goal of the first session is to gather as much relevant information as possible and answer any questions you may have.

For parents, the second session will be with your child. At this point the focus of the therapy is developing a positive rapport with your child. Everything we learn in the first session will help us to better engage with them and begin building that important relationship. At the end of each session, we will invite you in to discuss the session and things you will be able to work on with your child.

Our sessions are designed to build independence and confidence. This means we are here to provide support to build strong individuals and healthy families.