Concepts Psychology offers board-approved supervision for provisional psychologists in Sydney undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 internship program pathways.

Our Directors, Natalie Kleindyk and Tyrone Hill are accredited to provide primary or secondary supervision. Contact our practice for further details.

Why choose us for board-approved supervision

At Concepts Psychology, our accredited supervisors have a combined experience of over 34 years in the psychology field. Their broad knowledge makes them ideal to supervise and provide practical training for provisional psychologists.

Our diverse line of work and skills means that we regularly demonstrate the eight core competencies in our day-to-day work. This simplifies the process for provisional psychologists. They are provided with ample opportunities to continually develop and demonstrate these competencies. We can also assist in preparation for the National Psychology Examination.

In line with Psychology Board of Australia guidelines our training allows provisional psychologists to:

  • Demonstrate ethical and professional standards of conduct and practice.
  • Demonstrate the integration of psychological theory and practice.
  • Demonstrate relevant psychological principles, knowledge and skills in a wide variety of professional settings, with a variety of client groups (such as individuals, families, organisations) and client presentations (such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, etc.)
  • Demonstrate competence in the administration and interpretation of a range of psychological assessment tools and techniques.
  • Demonstrate skills in diagnosing psychological disorders and formulating, delivering, recording and reporting appropriate interventions and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to work collaboratively with a variety of professionals.
  • Cultivate self-evaluation skills to develop awareness of professional competence and limitations.
  • Participate in and understand the philosophy of ongoing professional development.
  • Participate effectively in the supervision process with an approved supervisor(s).