Our professional psychologists provide group programs in our Ramsgate practice and at schools in Sydney and surrounds. We often run these programs alongside individual sessions. They provide a structured and safe environment for children to develop and practise their skills.

Westmead Feelings Program

The Westmead Feelings Program is an award-winning and research-driven intervention program for school-age children with autism. The program teaches children how to recognise and understand feelings more appropriately. In addition, the program develops cultures of emotional learning by providing parents and teachers skills to be emotion coaches at home and school. Our team of psychologists deliver the program at schools and in a clinical setting for groups of three to seven children.

Westmead Feelings Program 1

Emotion-Based Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mild Intellectual Disability, which is the first evidence-based intervention for children on the spectrum with cognitive impairment. This is aimed at verbal children, who may or may not read, can draw simple pictures or write a few words and can concentrate for at least a few minutes at a time.

Westmead Feelings Program 2

Emotion-Based Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder without an accompanying Intellectual Disability. This program is aimed at children who have fluent speech and can read and write.

What’s involved

Our team deliver these programs over three school terms,
or modules, plus a booster session held six months later.