Frequently Asked Questions


Is a referral necessary to see a Psychologist?

No, a referral is not necessary; however you may be eligible for a referral from your GP that would allow you to access a rebate from Medicare. For more information about Medicare and rebates please see our fees & rebates page


Do you offer after hours appointments?

Yes, in order to allow our clients to access services at a time that suits them, there are a number of evening appointments throughout the week that are available to you. Please phone Chontelle, our receptionist, to discuss this further. 


What qualifications does my Psychologist have?

All of our Psychologists have 6 years of training that includes a 4 year Psychology degree, followed by either 2 years' of supervised therapy practice or a 2 year Masters degree in Educational/Developmental or Clinical Psychology.


Do I bring my child to the initial consultation?

Ideally, it is preferable for the parents/carers to attend the initial consultation with the Psychologist on their own, as during this session the psychologist will gather relevant background and diagnostic information to ascertain their ongoing treatment plan for your child or adolescent. By bringing your child/adolescent to the second session, they are able to meet the Psychologist and begin the rapport building process straight away.


Do you bulk bill?

In order to provide quality counselling services, we are a non-bulk billing practice. Our fee structure is set up so that once the rebate amount is applied, there is only a minor out of pocket amount to assist families in accessing therapy.


What do I do if my child/adolescent is worried about seeing a Psychologist?

Seeing a Psychologist or any other Health Care Professional can be daunting to some children and adolescents. It is important to give the child/young person sufficient notice in order to allow them time to process this. It can be helpful to explain that like they may see a teacher to help with their literacy and numeracy skills; or a Doctor to help with a fever or stomach pains; you may need to see a Psychologist to help with how you feel and think.


How private and confidential is therapy?

All personal information gathered during Psychological consultations remains confidential. The only exceptions to this rule is:

  •  If it is subpoenaed by a court of law;

  • If failure to disclose the information would place the individual or another person at risk of harm.

  • If your prior written consent has been obtained to provide or receive information from another professional or agency, such as your child's school, GP, Paediatrician, or other Allied Health Practitioners.


Counselling intervention is most effective where there is open communication and transparency between all parties involved in the individuals care. This may include: schools or preschools, GP's, Allied Health Professionals and Workers Compensation Case Managers. In order to allow us to do this, please ensure that you sign the consent form at your initial session. Psychologists are bound by the APS Code of Ethics. For more information about the Code of Ethics, please click here


How many sessions will I need?

At your initial consultation, the Psychologist will be able to advise you as to the best way forward for your individual situation. This will be reviewed periodically along the way. In order to maximise the effectiveness of counselling sessions, consistency in attendance is recommended, as well as the completion of suggested strategies outside of the counselling sessions. Parent involvement in the counselling sessions and suggested home-based strategies is paramount in the success of the intervention process. 


Do I need to be present for my child/adolescents sessions?

We require parents to be present at the beginning of the session, as the Psychologist may be required to speak to you about your child's progress since the previous session. During the session you are welcome to leave the premise; however, we require that you return at least 10 minutes prior to the completion of your child/adolescents' session so that the Psychologist can provide feedback from the session and any strategies to be implemented prior to the next session. Please note, Concepts Psychology and our team members do not take responsibility for children/adolescents whose parents do not return at the required time and we are unable to provide supervision for your child/adolescents.